First Adam vs. Last Adam

First Adam vs. Last Adam

America’s Tale Of Two Kingdoms

Rodney Hempel


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First Adam vs. Last Adam offers a viewpoint of America’s embrace of our national government and those citizens who also embrace the kingdom of God. The current inability of our political leaders to find workable solutions to our country’s problems is troubling for many Americans. Confidence in our leader’s ability to effectively govern is a low point.

This brief commentary takes the reader back to the fundamental perspective of the original writers of the Declaration of Independence. This document forms the basis of America’s initial desire to be free from onerous laws imposed by the British sovereign.

Today our government has reassumed the role of a sovereign king in many matters. That authority needs to be challenged with the authority of the kingdom of God.

This is a call for Christians to reflect upon misguided leadership offering inadequate solutions.


Rodney Hempel:

Rod Hempel grew up in the Midwest and studied engineering at the University of Missouri in Columbia. He retired after a successful private sector business career. He and Rachelle raised four wonderful children. He looks forward to traveling with family and friends, and playing with their wonderful grandchildren. He currently resides in Columbia, Maryland.